Who says you can’t have fun while learning a thing or two? If you like science (even if you are not so much into it) you should give this show a try.

In a brief description this show goes over current issues and debunks certain myths that have been around for quite a while and nobody really addresses them such as global warming (among other subjects) and how it is affecting other parts of the world, just because we are not feeling the full impact right now it doesn’t mean is not happening.

Bill Nye manages to explain everything in a fun way and by using science, I didn’t grow up watching his shows however I have a feeling that he would’ve helped me tons on my science subjects 🙂

Many people think this is a geeky show and that if you are not full into science you wouldn’t like it however you might be surprised of how many things you will learn without realizing it.

Let me know if you decide to give it a try by giving me a comment below.

Until then have an awesome weekend!

Wholeheartedly Funny and Educational Show

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